HIGH above the town centre, these youths risk death or horrific injury as they jump and play around on the roof of Bournemouth's historic Town Hall.

They were spotted by worried onlookers on Sunday afternoon at around 4pm on the roof of the Grade II listed building is five storeys above ground level.

The local man who filmed this video was on his way to a tennis game when he saw the four teens.

"I was walking through the gardens and just after 4pm I saw them," he said.

"I was surprised and wondered how they had got there," he said. "It was really dangerous, I think, they were only about 15 or 16 and they were jumping and playing around. It could have ended up very badly."

Neighbourhood Inspector Jon Wasey said: "We received a report at 4.18pm of four teenagers on the roof of the Town Hall in Bournemouth. Officers attended and the teenagers were located walking in Avenue Road. Their details were taken and words of advice were given."

He said it was; "Nothing short of obvious that climbing onto the roof of any building is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

“Sadly, while such antics may be seen as amusing or thrill-seeking, they can end in tragedy. I would urge this activity to stop before somebody is seriously injured or killed,” he said.

Whilst having no stats available, a police spokesman confirmed this type of behaviour was 'something we have experienced from time to time'.