A DAMNING report highlighting "bullying and intimidating behaviour" at a Bournemouth secondary school has been published by Ofsted.

Harewood College is rated as Inadequate with almost every aspect of school life criticised by a team of government inspectors.

The boys' school, in Harewood Avenue, was given the lowest possible rating in every category.

The shocking report compares to a rating of Good following its last inspection in 2015.

In September this year 200 pupils will join the school.

But almost half of them did not list it as one of their three preferred schools when they applied for secondary school.

The Ofsted report was produced after a two-day inspection in January.

Lead inspector Sarah McGinnis said: "Pupils say that bullying and intimidating behaviour are prevalent. They dislike being shoved in the corridors and some pupils say they do not like moving around the school site on their own."

The school is part of the Avonbourne Trust, led by CEO Debbie Godfrey-Phaure. Mrs Godfrey-Phaure has been off work since January for health reasons

The report said trust leaders and governors have failed to ensure that pupils receive an acceptable standard of education.

The report goes on: "Outcomes for pupils are poor. Over the last three years the progress pupils make by the end of Year 11 has been significantly below the national average.

"Safeguarding is weak. Too many pupils say they feel unsafe at school. Absence and persistent absence rates are above the national average, particularly for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities."

It describes behaviour as "boisterous" and said "pupils can be dismissive of teachers' instructions."

Leaders and governors do not use additional funding for disadvantaged pupils well.

It says careers advice at the school is good and that new leaders are working hard, having established appropriate priorities.

The school has 527 pupils between the ages of 11 and 16.

A spokesman for the Trust said: "We are disappointed that Harewood College has been judged Inadequate following an Ofsted inspection in January and pledge to turn things around as a matter of urgency.

"Last September the Trust placed its Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Adam Coshan, in direct charge of Harewood because we knew urgent improvements were needed.

"However, the underperformance since the last Ofsted inspection in 2015 has not been addressed and we agree with the conclusion that the college must take urgent action to improve.

"Our students’ future is our top priority and we will endeavour to turn things around as quickly as possible to ensure each and every one of them reaches their full potential."

The spokesman said the safety of students is "of paramount importance."

Mr Coshan said: "Our number one priority is our students’ future and it’s essential we all work together to turn things around quickly for all the children at our school.

"We cannot achieve rapid improvements on our own. We must work hand in hand with everyone in our community and especially our parents and the students themselves."