READING of the proposed redevelopment of more Bournemouth car parks for apartment buildings (Daily Echo 05/03/2019) and the assertion of Cllr Mike Greene that the new owners/tenants do not need a car, sounds more like the sort of statement that a latter day Marie Antoinette would have made.

"Let them eat cake" or in this case "Let them walk or take the bus"! I wonder if Cllr Greene would give up his car? No, I thought not.

Maybe he thinks that residents moving into central Bournemouth should "pull up the drawbridge" as they enter and not enjoy the independence of having a car like he does and be able to go where they want and when they want? Perhaps he should change his office to "Cabinet member for Bus Transport" or better still "Cabinet member for elitist silly ideas"?

Another idea might be to pedestrianise the whole of Bournemouth town centre and redevelop the town hall into a homeless hostel.


Copythorne Close, Bournemouth