I AM very pleased to note Conor Burns’ concerns over the possible damage from current oil drilling in the bay. I am sure many people feel the same.

It wasn't so long ago that we battled the huge threat of the severe damage to the sea bed and migrating birds from the proposed huge wind turbines proposed by the Navitus Bay project. Thankfully, due to the objections from all councils and residents’ associations from Purbeck along the whole bay to the Isle of Wight, we were saved from the blighting of the whole seascape from Old Harry Rocks to the Needles and from the loss of our Jurassic Coast status. One only has to travel down the coast to Worthing to see a resort completely ruined by the hideous Rampion wind turbines, and coastal views ruined Littlehampton to Brighton.

Now we have this new threat from the oil drilling. Bournemouth is now arguably the most popular holiday resort in the UK due to our wonderful beaches, coastline and unspoilt views. Let us hope this blight on the seascape will soon be removed so we have our lovely clear view of the horizon again.


Wick Lane, Bournemouth