WOULD you like to live opposite a "bright orange" building? That is the prospect for residents of Talbot Village, as the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) prepares to build an Innovation Studio fronting Fern Barrow and opposite residential properties.

When the planning application was submitted, the Talbot Village Residents Association, in response to many residents' concerns, asked that the colour be toned down, to better blend in with the adjacent residential area. At the same time information was also given by AUB about the construction phase of the building.

The borough council and residents were informed that as the existing AUB buildings to the rear of the proposed building site restricted access, some traffic signal control on Fern Barrow would be required for up to six weeks. However, in spite of these concerns planning permission was granted, without any amendment.

With these works proposed to commence this April, residents are now informed that a section of Fern Barrow, fronting the site, will not be one-way for traffic, but closed to all vehicles for over one year (60 weeks). Had this been known at the planning stage, then councillors may well have voted to reject the application.

This road closure will have a major effect on residents, increase the risk for vulnerable residents, as more traffic and heavy construction traffic will be directed to use the new Gillett Road, passing close to property for vulnerable people, a very busy doctors' and dentist practice and local shops. In addition, it will reduce the access for emergency services to the Village and disrupt the local bus service, which is a life line for many elderly residents.

The proposed Innovation Studio is the wrong building in the wrong location, as its unique design means that construction is made much more difficult and lengthy than standard designs. Regardless of many concerns expressed, AUB is pressing ahead with the development and appears to have no regard for residential neighbours, many of whom came to live in Talbot Village long before AUB was established.

One has to ask, whether the actions of AUB are those of a caring neighbour and an organisation that wants to be part of and work with the local community, or hell bent on developing to the detriment of all around?

I will leave you to decide.

DAVID GIBB, Valley View, Poole