A SWANAGE woman aims to raise awareness of a little-known form of dementia a year after her beloved husband went missing from their home.

Gerald Turner suffers from Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) and, despite a huge search effort, has not been seen since he left their property in Church Hill in the early hours of Sunday, March 4, last year.

His wife, Jane Pierette Turner, has joined forces with friends to create a band to raise awareness of the daily struggle faced by those with Lewy Body Dementia and their carers.

The band, The Doolallys, aims to raise money to start a new project to allow sufferers and their carers to meet up for respite, crafts or music projects.

LBD causes a progressive decline in mental abilities and symptoms include visual hallucinations, changes in attention, slow movement and tremors.

Mrs Turner told the Daily Echo: “Gerry, alas, has not been found. It has been a difficult time for myself to say the least and also for family, friends and this small town where Gerry grew up.

“We would like to create a space for carers of LBD to be able to take the person they are caring for with them. People with LBD still have their memory and get very frustrated and upset in other dementia groups when they are separated from their carers.

“The idea is to help look after the carers so they can do their caring with more knowledge, insight and understanding of the needs of the LBD victims.

“It would also create a safe space for the carers to recharge themselves for a few hours a week.”

Mrs Turner hopes to set up a support group in the Swanage and Wareham area and is holding a launch event at Harmans Cross Hall at 2.30pm on Sunday March 10. Tickets will be available on the door.

Mr Turner was 67-years-old when he went missing and had early onset LBD.

His wife said she was fortunate to be young enough to look after him but added: “After a while I was on my knees heading for a breakdown.

“I was ill before Gerry disappeared and I have been ill most of this year, and I am just picking up physically. What would it be like if I was older and not so fit to start with?”