IT'S THIS the perfect pad for anyone who never wants to hear the phrase 'Last Orders'?

Almost certainly because - along with four bedrooms, beautiful grounds and a large workshop - the Purbeck property comes with its own personal pub, complete with dart-board, pool table and packets of peanuts hanging from the bar.

The £1.25 million property at Creech Bottom is being sold by a family who, says agent Rebecca Dunnett of Domvs, enjoy entertaining.

"The pub is in an old cob cottage which the owners converted into their very own miniature bar with everything you'd expect to find, including a couple of bar-stools and lovely original flagstones on the floor," she said. "They told us they have party nights in there and the next day just pop in and sweep everything up."

The house also has an outdoor kitchen as well as plenty of space indoors. "We see plenty of beautiful outbuildings in our work but it's not often you get a real little pub, especially one with such character," said Rebecca.