A NEW micro cinema will open its doors in Bournemouth tomorrow.

Viewrassic Park at 652 Christchurch Road in Boscombe will feature a 20-seat cinema showing “cult classics” each week.

Film fans will be treated to future screenings such as The Room, Re-Animator, Big Trouble in Little China and Blade Runner in an 1920s Art Deco inspired cinema.

The first screening, which is Jurassic Park, takes place on Sunday at 7pm.

There will also be a store selling a range of memorabilia and other items for comic book fans, movie buffs and video gamers.

The store will also double up as a social space for members of the public and features arcade cabinets, retro consoles and sofas.

Owner Andre Debeer said: "Myself and my fiancée Lotty Lynch are both huge film geeks, I've loved movies and the theatre frankly for as long as I can remember. I love the experience of it all and want to bring it to people on a smaller more personal level whilst keeping everything you would expect from the bigger cinemas. Popcorn/movies drinks and snacks included."

"We came up with the concept of Viewrassic Park being primarily a local community space for people to enjoy. We chose Boscombe mainly because we live just down the road from the high street and we want to give something back to a place we love. There are a lot of really cool small independent businesses that have opened around here and we want to work together with as many of them as we can. We already have the support of quite a few of them."

He said they also planned to use the venue to host other special events including gaming competitions, board game evenings and private bookings such as birthday parties and stag and hen dos.

Mr Debeer added: "Eventually there will be arcade cabinets and weekly gaming tournaments held, and there will be space for clubs etc to hold meetings and even live music. I suppose it is rather eclectic."