EAGLE-EYED motorists may have spotted an unusual addition to a set of road safety signs near Bournemouth University.

The face of former sports correspondent Alan Partridge – otherwise known by his alter-ego Steve Coogan – has appeared on notices which warn cars to keep a distance from cyclists.

The eye-catching yellow signs, which were installed by Bournemouth Borough Council, are in place close to busy Boundary Roundabout and Talbot Roundabout.

They show a cyclist pedalling near a car. Partridge's image has been pasted over the photograph of the cyclist.

Last year, TV chef Ainsley Harriott had the dubious honour of appearing on the signs. Unlike Partridge, Harriott appeared as both driver and cyclist.

The initial cyclist's identity change is the work of pranksters. Council officials said in 2018 that the signs had been "defaced" and the stickers would be removed.