I FEEL for Tobias Ellwood. Not only is he stuck between two out-of-date colleagues (Chope and Burns, funny how that sounds like a 17th century torture), he is also betwixt his party and his conscience.

The Bournemouth East MP's sensibilities are decent, democratic, liberal and outward-looking.

The referendum continues to haunt and challenge decency and democracy.

The Conservatives grow less democratic by the day; how can one third of MPs think Theresa May is not capable of running their party, yet all feel she should run the country?

Equally, how can the referendum's slim win for Leave (with a huge spectrum of opinion on both sides) be leading us to the possibility of a no deal scenario?

This was never offered, as Tobias knows: “I don’t recall no-deal, moving to World Trade Organisation terms, being the favoured option of the referendum result."

The DUP in total garnered fewer votes than the growing Independent group. Parliament has dithered for two-and-a-half years, yet we were expected to decide with one cross in a box.

I hope Tobias follows his heart and mind, exercises independence, and does the honourable thing.


Foxholes Road, Southbourne