THE most popular dogs on Instagram have been revealed.

When scrolling through social media, it is only a matter of minutes before a cute snap of a dog pops up.

Whether it’s insta-famous pooches like JimPom and Doug the Pug or an everyday #DogsofInstagram post, people love sharing pictures of their four-legged friends.

Online voucher company MyVoucherCodes has ranked the 10 most popular dog breeds based upon the number of times they appeared in hashtags.

The top 10 breeds on Instagram (including number of hashtags they appeared in)


1. French bulldog (39.2million hashtags)

2. Pug (29.3million hashtags)

3. Chihuahua (27.7 million hashtags)

4. English bulldog (24.7million hashtags)

5. Labrador retriever (19.1million hashtags)

6. Golden retriever (18.7million hashtags)

7. Siberian Husky (17.8million hashtags)

8. Dachshund (17.2million hashtags)

9. Pomeranian (15.5million hashtags)

10. Yorkshire terrier (14.9 million hashtags)

Other popular dogs on Instagram include poodles, beagles, shiba inus, shih tzus, border collies, Jack Russells, Boston terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, Australian shepherds, and boxers.