IF YOU'RE one of the proud owners of the air-raid shelters recently featured in the Daily Echo, or if you'd like your structure recorded for posterity, Bournemouth historian Michael Searle would like to hear from you.

Mr Searle is a member of the Pillbox Study Group which has taken on the mammoth task of compiling a national database of shelters from the former Defence of Britain Archive.

"This was an archive that was originally undertaken by the University of York to record all the defensive structures that were built during the Second World War in Great Britain," he said. "The task proved to be immense, so was discontinued, but has been taken up by the Pillbox Study Group in more recent times," he said.

He said that air raid shelters in Bournemouth and Poole 'would be a welcome addition' to the database but needed to be accurately recorded.

*If you'd like to speak to Michael about an air-raid structure, contact him on michael-searle1@sky.com