IT has been almost a year since Marks & Spencer closed their store in Bournemouth.

I am not surprised that no one has decided to open it as a retail store as it is quite a large building to occupy.

I think it would be an ideal place to have an ice rink.

We so desperately need a permanent rink. I along with all past Westover ice rink skaters and now the new generation of people who have been able to enjoy the benefits of having our temporary rink through Christmas and the new year want a rink that is here all year round.

The question I ask is why can't the old M & S store be turned into an ice rink? It is ideal space-wise, there is a car park opposite, it would attract tourists as well as being used regularly by residents.

The amount of people from all age groups that have learnt to skate whilst the temporary rink is here each year is increasing. Please can someone fulfill our dreams.


Brassey Road, Bournemouth