I RECENTLY received through my letterbox a leaflet from Poole Conservative Association, celebrating various achievements by Poole council.

One of which was the refurbishment and commissioning of the old Poole lifting bridge.

However, it is sad to see that this bridge is still in a state of disrepair.

After all the trials and tribulations of the refurbishment which took so long, together with the week-long maintenance which followed so soon after, it is still not finished.

For months now, the fencing on the right-hand side on the Hamworthy approach has been in place and worst of all, the gates on the Hamworthy approach are still draped in tarpaulin with damaged portions of the gate still missing.

I have spoken to various people at Poole council who simply state that the work is in hand, I have written to one of my local councillors who in turn has raised the matter with the “growth and infrastructure services” at Poole council.

This was two months ago and at that time they could not give him a date for when the gates could be replaced and commissioned.

So, come on Poole council, get your act together and get the job finished. Any good metal fabricator would repair those gates or make a new set up in a very short space of time – and I am talking days here.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy