I AM a Poole resident, but needed to do a bit of shopping in Westbourne.

I parked up in the Landseer Road car park, entered the ID number into my phone parking app and was startled to be offered parking spaces in Caracas.

I checked further and discovered that I had crossed the line, Bournemouth uses a company called PayByPhone, whereas Poole uses JustPark.

I ended up paying with good old fashioned cash.

Checking further when I got home I discover Poole and East Dorset use JustPark, Bournemouth uses PayByPhone and Christchurch uses Ringo.

This is obviously a crazy situation since these three towns are becoming one.

How long are we supposed to fill up our phones with assorted parking apps just to drive around the locality?

This sounds like an urgent job for our new provisional council to sort out..... haven't Bournemouth just replaced all their parking pay meters?


Verulam Road, Poole