WE read of the mountains of applications to build right across the region.

Drive through most villages and you can witness the onslaught.

Local opposition, green belt or conservation makes no difference.

Back in the early 60s we witnessed the 'Beeching Plan', which effectively destroyed our brilliant rail network.

A system which could transport you to virtually anywhere in the country and whose demise must go down as one of the biggest own goals in recent history.

Will the young people of today look back 60 years hence with equal dismay and curse the current hunger to build at all costs and the problems this had created to the country's infrastructure?

We are struggling to cope with the traffic system as it is today in 2019.

God knows what is lurking around the corner.

Sir David Attenborough was recently quoted as saying that "if we wreck the natural world, in the end we wreck ourselves."

Recent figures suggesting that the insect population could be wiped out in another 100 years seem to back this up.


Cavan Crescent, Poole