Name: Matt Redding

Years behind the lens: 4 years now and still as passionate as ever

Current Camera: Nikon D7200, a great crop sensor camera

Dream camera: a Nikon D850 or the Sony A7 III both great cameras in their own right.

Piece of equipment you couldn’t be without: I definitely couldn’t do without my trusty tripod. It hasn’t let me down yet.

Favourite Dorset location: Seacombe, you can’t beat it down there when you have the place to yourself for a sunrise.

Dream location: Iceland without a doubt, with its many waterfalls and of course the Northern Lights. I’m planning a trip sometime this year and can’t wait to get shooting.

Worst photographic mishap: Sliding half way down West Hill at Corfe one misty morning on my backside. We all know how busy it gets up there so I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed.

Best photographic success: I’ve been quite proud of a few successes with my photography but I’m particularly happy to have one of my photos used as an album cover for a well-known DJ’s album. It’s quite surreal to see my picture on iTunes and in the shops.

Top tip: Just get out there and practice. That’s what I did and I think there’s no better way to learn. The hard work definitely pays off when you come away with an image you’re happy with.

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