THE fight to save Buckholme Towers has been unsuccessful, with the Poole preparatory school closing for good on Friday.

Parents and children had their last assembly and work on a last-minute rescue package has collapsed, it has been confirmed.

Speaking to the Echo yesterday morning, Dominik Kaczmarek, head of teaching and learning at Buckholme, said Friday would be the school's last day.

He said: "We did everything we could to save the school, and the support from parents and staff has been completely unanimous.

"We were simply left with a timescale that just wasn't feasible for anyone.

"We've literally been up for two days, but at the end of the day it was the timescale that was unworkable.

"How much good faith can you ask from parents when they've got to make some really fast decisions for their children?

"Today will be emotional but I cannot stress enough the amount of support we have had, and we are thankful for that."

The plan to save Buckholme Towers, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, was formulated during a series of meetings between staff, parents and trustees, which took place over the weekend.

He said he believed that 99 per cent of parents and staff, of which there are 15 overall, with nine teachers for around 60 children, all backed the proposals.

The trustees were also on board with the plans, they hoped could see the school being run as a non-profit organisation.

Buckholme Towers Preparatory School, an independent school in Ashley Cross, Poole, was put into administration last Friday.