THE ADMINISTRATORS appointed to oversee Poole prep school Buckholme Towers, which went into administration on Friday, have confirmed the independent primary is to remain open for the moment.

A spokesman for the Hampshire-based Portland company said: “Parents were notified on Friday of the school’s position and have now been contacted by the administrators following their appointment.

“The administrators have confirmed that the school will remain open in the short term, whilst they test the market to see if a new owner can be found.”

Portland visited the school on Monday morning, while the 65 pupils carried on with their lessons.

They spoke with trustees and staff members, including head of teaching and learning, Dominik Kaczmarek, who hopes to become the school’s headteacher.

He has already made clear that the 15 staff members, which include nine teachers, are backing a plan thrashed out over last weekend, to run the school as a charity and a co-operative between the teachers and parents.

The school’s plight has touched many local hearts, including that of local mum Susy Kelly.

“I’m very passionate about the school, I think I’m right in saying that a member of my family has been in education there since 1989,” she said.

Ms Kelly said her children started at Buckholme, which is celebrating its 80th birthday this year, in 2003, and she had always been impressed by the warm family atmosphere.

“There is so much love out there for this school and it would be so sad if it couldn’t be saved,” she said.

Ms Kelly said that the parents of the school were ‘down to earth people’ who had always wanted the best for their children and she would support any measures being taken to save it.