SINGER songwriter Moya received a standing ovation when she performed on The Voice. But this is not her first taste of stardom, as she’s already collaborated with music legends including Rod Stewart.

The 27-year old who grew up in Poole, previously released an album at the age of just 22, but lost her confidence when her career wasn’t going anywhere. We caught up with Moya to ask her a few questions following her talent TV debut...

What was it like growing up in Poole? “I was very lucky to live near the beach, so I spent so many summers on the water and hanging out with friends. It was very idyllic.”

How did you get into the music business and what inspires you to write music? “I had a very lucky break and met a manager at the age of 21 – he was such a brilliant mentor and pushed me in the right direction. I was never signed as an artist, so it took a lot of hard work and determination to get to where I was.

“Musical inspiration mostly comes from my surroundings and the emotion paired with it. I’m a keen writer, so finding time to sit, reflect and spill your mood onto the pages is very cathartic.”

Who were your early influences - are your parents musical? “Growing up I listened to a lot of Motown, jazz, disco and soul. I come from a very musical family and I was encouraged to sing all the time. We still sing together now! If it wasn’t for my family, I would have never have been able to pursue a music career, they in themselves have been such a huge influence of me and my musical tastes.”

What was it like touring with Mick Hucknall and Rod Stewart, what did you learn from them? “Touring was and will always be my first love and to have supported such legends makes me feel so thankful. They are both incredibly down to earth and I learnt a lot of my stage craft from them. They both really know how to work an audience and draw them in. I’m amazed by their longevity and really hope that one day I can get to where they are in their own careers.”

Tell us about your experience on The Voice? What’s it really like behind the scenes and how did you feel about that standing ovation? “The Voice so far has been an epic adventure. I was quite worried going into a talent TV show that it wasn’t going to be what I had imagined but it turned into more that I could have dreamed of. The team of people that make the show happen, the coaches and the contestants, it’s like we’re family, everyone looks out for one another. The Blind Audition went by in a blur, I was emotional that day and it wasn’t until I watched the show back that I even realised I had been given a standing ovation! If I could have bottled that feeling I would have, I finally felt alive again.”

Any big names you would particularly like to work with? “I really want to work with Jacob Banks or Lewis Capaldi – they have raw vocal talent and to perform alongside them would be a dream.”