THE MAN who intends to become the new head of Poole prep school Buckholme Towers, which was placed into administration on Friday, says there are plans to run the establishment as a non-profit organisation.

Dominik Kaczmarek, Head of Teaching and Learning at Buckholme, said: “We wish to continue Buckholme’s story by running as a charity; a co-operative between teachers and parents.

"I have been overwhelmed by the support shown over the past few days by parents and staff, who share my passion and love for the school.

"I truly believe that this is an exciting opportunity to take Buckholme forward in line with its values and reputation as an excellent, happy, small local school with a real family feel.”

He explained that whilst the school's 'business model' was owned by Edward Bosence, who called in the administrators, the buildings and the name were the property of the school's trustees.

The plan to save Buckholme Towers, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019, was formulated during a series of meetings between staff, parents and trustees, which took place over the weekend, said Mr Kaczmarek.

He said he believed that 99 per cent of parents and staff, of which there are 15 overall, with nine teachers for around 60 children, were backing the proposals. Trustees are already on board, he said.

"We are taking it on as a charity, not a business, we're not trying to make money," he said, adding that a new regime hoped to 'fix any mistakes which had been made'. "As a charity we can pass on savings to parents."

He said the proposals had already received an offer of a financial support in the form of a short-term loan from the YMCA and other companies the school dealt with were being helpful.

Administrators were due in the building at 10am yesterday morning. However, Mr Kaczmarek said he had spoken to the administrator over the weekend and he was 'very supportive'.

He said that it would be 'business as usual' for the pupils and their parents and their support had been vital. "One former pupil has opened a GoFundMe page for us," he said.

The school was being run as a Limited Liability Partnership by Edward Bosence who is listed at Companies' House as having 12 appointments.