REMEMBER your water bill from 2013? Well, according to Bournemouth Water, their average customer bill for supplying the wet stuff will be £10 lower than it was then.

From 1 April 2019 the company’s average water bill will be £144 a year, which, it says, is one of the lowest in the industry.

Bournemouth Water says that despite keeping prices low they 'remain one of the best performers in the industry for providing an uninterrupted water supply, reducing leakage and delivering great customer service'.

Managing Director of Bournemouth Water, Stephen Bird, said: “We are determined to keep delivering industry-leading standards of high quality drinking water and will continue to focus on what matters most to our customers, so that the service we provide is one that they value – at a cost of around 39p a day.

“By being efficient, we have also been able to cushion our customers from inflationary pressures, unlike some other water companies.”

Along with its repair programme, the company has also extended the range of support it offers customers who have difficulty paying their bills, introducing a WaterCare tariff and Freshstart initiatives in 2017.

Mr Bird said that while customers' bills would vary according to a number factors, including usage, the rateable value of their house and whether they are on a meter, the company's 'New Deal' offers 'a nine per cent real terms reduction in bills between 2019/2020'.