TWENTY-three local agencies are working together on Bournemouth’s problems with rough sleeping.

That was the message from Alistair Doxat-Purser, chief executive of Faithworks Wessex, speaking at the Daily Echo’s breakfast event on the state of the high street.

He said an event on February 20, the Bournemouth Conversation, would celebrate the town but look at what could be done to improve the situation.

“What’s encouraging to me is there are more people wanting to talk about it and wanting to do something about it and how we can play our part,” he said.

He said Bournemouth council “are doing some great stuff” to prevent homelessness and help those on the streets.

He talked about raising the profile of the “diverted giving” scheme which allows people to give to homelessness charities rather than hand cash to beggars. A diverted giving card could enable people make payment in response to seeing people on the street.