A WITNESS admitted he feared someone had been killed after he saw two trees come crashing through the roof of a bus in Poole.

As reported by the Daily Echo, passengers and the driver on board the X6 morebus service managed to walk away unscathed from the incident in Ringwood Road yesterday morning.

The two large trees smashed a hole in the roof of the bus causing significant damage to the vehicle, metal fences and a lamp post.

Bournemouth resident Stuart Casserley was travelling behind the double-decker service, which had several passengers on its top deck, shortly before 12pm.

After the bus had been hit by the trees and come to a halt, he jumped out of his van and went to check on board the bus.

Mr Casserley, who is a highway maintenance sub-contractor for Borough of Poole, told the Daily Echo: "I have never seen anything like it.

"We were behind the bus going down Ringwood Road.

"Just after we went past the pub the trees came down out of nowhere. My first thought was someone would have been killed on the top deck.

"I went straight out of the van and on to the bus. I went to go up to the top deck and was met by three lads climbing down because the stairs had fallen.

"They said no one was at the front of the bus up there but I went up to double check and they were right.

"On the bottom deck there was an old lady who had been thrown to the floor from the impact but she had managed to get herself up.

"The passengers all seemed a bit shaken up. The driver had to climb out of his cab because the door was jammed and I made the calls for him because he was in a state of shock.

"Thankfully no one was hurt. You can replace a bus, but not someone's life."

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