RSPCA inspectors are asking for help to solve a bizarre mystery after a foot-long Koi carp was dumped in a sealed plastic bag without water.

A member of the public walking on land next to St Andrew's Church in Millhams Road discovered the fish on Tuesday afternoon. Amazingly, it was still alive, so the woman rushed it home and put it in a bath of water.

Inspector Patrick Bailey, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity, said: "The woman was walking her dog when she found the plastic bag. She spotted the bag moving and was quite surprised to find the fish inside.

“The large fish was tied up in a sealed plastic bag but the bag was completely dry and had no water inside.

“It’s not clear if this is how the fish was dumped or whether the bag had leaked but, amazingly, the fish was still alive.

"The quick-thinking lady rushed the fish home and popped it in her bath until I could collect it.”

The orange fish is around a foot long and has three black growths on its back approximately the size of walnuts.

It is currently being looked after by staff at the RSPCA's Ashley Heath centre. A vet is being consulted about the best course of action to treat the growths.

Insp Bailey said: “We do not know how long the fish had been left in the bag or where it came from, but a fish of that size would have likely been a key feature of any fish enthusiast’s pond and will be noticeably missing.

“If anyone has any information about where this fish has come from please do get in touch by calling our appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

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