SIR Christopher Chope has been labelled as "appalling" after he blocked debate on plans which sought to support victims of female genital mutilation.

This afternoon, the Christchurch MP shouted object when it came to the Government-backed bill being read out in the House of Commons.

Fellow Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith tabled the private member's bill which would allow courts to issue protection orders over children thought to be at risk of FGM.

The debate was pushed back until next month, however the representative for Richmond Park and North Kingston had already hit out at Sir Christopher this morning before the session in parliament had even taken place.

During the session, Sir Christopher's own bill which would have removed VAT from a number of goods and services, including domestic heating and fuel and women's sanitary products, was debated for two hours before he decided to withdraw it.

On Twitter, Mr Goldsmith said: "Today, Chris Chope MP will once again use arcane procedure to block a Bill that would amend the 1989 Children Act to include FGM on the list of things (like forced marriage or domestic violence) for which the courts can issue protection orders if they think a child is at risk.

"The Bill has been scrutinised fully in the Lords, and is supported now by Government. Chope has been begged not to block it by FGM campaigners.

"People ask why he would do such a thing (and indeed why he has similarly blocked motions to debate Hillsborough, pardon Alan Turing, ban the use of wild animals in circuses, target ‘upskirting’ and much much more besides.

"His argument is that he simply wants bills properly debated. But it is a pretence. If today’s bill goes through, we will have committee stage, report stage and third reading – all of which involve scrutiny and debate. If it is blocked, there is no debate.

"And if he is acting on principle, as he wants people to believe, why does he often allow Bills put forward by his friends to pass through unchallenged?"

After the House of Commons session, Mr Goldsmith added it was "just appalling" and claimed Sir Christopher did not object to those put forward by his friends.

Last year, the 71-year-old found himself at the centre of mass criticism for acting in a similar way regarding the 'upskirting' bill.

He also blocked Lord Berkeley of Knighton's FGM-related bill in November. At the time he said criticism largely involved people who had been "virtue signalling" and playing "party politics".