DOG owners have been issued advice on how to keep their pets happy and healthy during the winter.

Leading dog training and behaviour experts, Company of Animals, said humans and their pets should wear reflective gear so they can both be seen by drivers and cyclists during darker days.

People should also ensure that they are using the correct lead during icy conditions which can be treacherous for you and your dog.

As dogs use their foot pads for traction when it’s icy, nails should be kept short as long nails can cause your dog to slide and fall and hinder its ability to grip. It’s also important to ensure his feet are cleaned and dried on your return to ensure that wet, mud and salt doesn’t cause irritation.

On cold days when walks need to be cut short, people can also teach their dog some new tricks by using clicker training which is a great way to teach new habits and tricks which can also be done indoors.

If your dog is getting less exercise than usual during cold months, owners should consider reducing their pet’s food intake and switch to a light version of their regular meal or reduce the amount you feed him and supplement with some raw fruit and vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, sweet potato and apple slices to keep your dog feeling full.