Have you heard the word on the street? Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, the hottest new musical to take London’s West End by storm.

After seeing this screening from the Apollo Theatre, it’s easy to see why.

Inspired by a true story, the award-winning show follows 16-year-old boy Jamie New as he fights for his dream - to be a drag queen.

Written by The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells and Tom Macrae, it’s packed with toe tapping, body popping numbers and the production fizzes with youth and energy.

Most of the stage time is split between Jamie’s secondary school and council estate home in Sheffield, with a few visits to the local underground drag scene.

From the opening scene, set in a Year 11 careers lesson in which even the teacher raps and the pupils dance on the desks, it had the Regent Centre audience bopping in their seats.

John McCrea sparkled in the lead title role, supported by an equally faultless cast who delivered the snappy dialogue without missing a beat.

The tunes were vibrant, fresh and funky, from And You Don’t Even Know It to The Prom Song, with a few poignant solos from Jamie and his loving mum in the mix.

Colourful costumes and a multi-purpose set brought the stage to life, with the orchestra ever present in the background, backlit to look like a working office.

Overall, this is a great modern tale of triumph over prejudice and bullies to truly be who you are.

Jamie wants to be a boy who wears a dress to his Prom, while best friend Pritti comes to accept - and stand up for - the clever, straight A student she is.

If you can’t get to the capital to see it, a broadcast is the next best thing. The only downside is the actors won’t hear you clapping.