THE Wallisdown crossroads scheme to redevelop the Poole side of Wallisdown Road, one of the busiest and most congested major roads in the tri-borough area, represents a shockingly irresponsible undertaking and a complete waste of millions of pounds of scarce public money.

Why? Because instead of using limited central government, i.e. Department for Transport, funds to create a desperately needed extra lane for vehicular traffic, it focuses instead on providing a widened footway and new cycle lane, completely ignoring the very adequate pedestrian sidewalks that already exist both sides of Wallisdown Road and the presence too of a dedicated cycle lane running directly parallel just 100 metres south of this major thoroughfare.

The scheme involves also the utterly shameful elimination of dozens of mature trees bordering the university site, some I understand with tree protection orders, most supporting vital nesting opportunities for local bird life.

Despite a claimed ‘extensive’ consultation, many local residents were left completely in the dark about this horrifyingly unnecessary and ill-judged scheme.

But so determined are Bournemouth and Poole highway officials to ram it through that work is due to begin very early next month.

Expect never ending delays and traffic misery!


Talbot Residents’ Association, Julyan Avenue, Poole