ALL-DAY parking on a road leading to Twynham School in Christchurch is likely to be banned after a campaign by residents.

The county council’s regulatory committee backed the proposal for a maximum one-hour waiting limit to be introduced in Stourbank Road.

More than 70 per cent of residents had signed a petition calling for the move which will give them residential parking rights, if it is finally approved by the county council cabinet.

The committee heard that the road leads to a school entrance and is being used by both pupils and teachers to park throughout the day – causing difficulties for those who want to turn around, or park near their homes.

The proposal for limited waiting of one hour, no return within one-hour, except for permit holders, will cover Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

It would also see parking bays introduced and access protection markings to ease the flow of traffic and allow vehicles to turn.

In response to a consultation in October two objections were received, four letters of support and one letter with comments.

Amongst them was one resident who described parking in the road as ‘a nightmare’ claiming that several cars have been damaged due to the high volume of parking especially during term time.

Said another: “We have had to pull our child from the path of vehicles mounting the narrow pavement.

“The number of Twynham pupils walking/cycling and drivers speeding and competing for parking spaces in the crowded and narrow street could result in a serious accident.”

One of the residents objecting to the proposals said they would do nothing to make parking easier in the evenings and would reduce the overall number of spaces.

“Rather than solving the parking problem this will increase the problem as neighbours’ tempers will be raised if they are unable to park after purchasing a permit.

“The problem will push the parking onto the surrounding roads,” she said.

The committee heard that ward councillor Peter Hall had been unable to attend the meeting but sent his ‘strong support’ for the proposal.

Fellow Christchurch councillor Margaret Phipps said she had not been involved but knew the road.

“This does need to be implemented.

“It would be helpful to residents,” she said, proposing the recommendation to Dorset County Council’s cabinet.