I WOULD like to say how much I agree with the Echo letter on January 22 with regard to the insanity of Brexit.

As a lorry driver I would like people to know, as it is it takes three hours to get through on the lorry Eurotunnel rail link from Calais to Dover.

That is on a good day. We do have to stop, our passports are checked, and we are checked for illegal stowaways. That can take up to an hour.

Just imagine then if each lorry has also to hand over import and export papers, and have the lorry content checked.

It will be beyond a nightmare. Several thousand lorries cross by Eurotunnel every day. Just add up the sums. There will be tailbacks perhaps up to 50 miles. It will be impossible for the system to cope.

Clearly what many ministers do not grasp, and many millions in the UK, is that when we leave the EU we will have borders with customs. Borders at the channel, and with Ireland.

These can't be wished away. There is no solution. People need to wake up and dump Brexit before we destroy our supply chains for years to come. It is beyond me the country is warned time and time again yet ministers still stare goggle-eyed into distant space. And all this on a tin-pot referendum.

TONY PENNING, Surrey Road, Parkstone