DOUBLE yellow lines should be in place on one of the main approach roads into West Lulworth by the start of the holiday season.

The no parking restrictions will be for both sides of West Road from Daggers Gate down to the church.

They are being brought in after congestion on the road, including occasions when emergency vehicles have had difficulty getting into the village.

Several councillors, and some residents, had argued for the lines on only one side of the road and parking outside the church to remain as it is, but the decision was taken at Wednesday’s Dorset County Council cabinet meeting to agree the parking restriction for the whole length of the road.

The parish council had backed the restrictions, as had the Weld estate which runs the village centre car park. Nine residents had raised objections saying it would make parking outside their home more difficult and could also affect the church and shop.

Visitor numbers to Lulworth and Durdle Door are believed to have doubled to a million people a year in the last five years, partly due to the area appearing in a hit Bollywood film.

Estate manager James Weld told a previous committee hearing that five years ago it may have been correct to say the village only had traffic problems in the summer. But he said there could now be problems on almost any day of the year the sun was shining.

Parish councillor Carol Matthews, who has a business in Church Road, said the double yellow lines would have an impact on her, the church and village hall, and, on some days, would simply push drivers to try and park elsewhere, if they could find a space. She suggested that only one side of the road needed restrictions from Daggers Gate down the hill.

The area’s county councillor Cherry Brooks chose not to speak at this week’s cabinet meeting. She told the previous regulatory committee in a statement that the issue had divided the village.

Brief holder Cllr Daryl Turner say that by agreeing the parking orders the council was taking proactive action to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

“This proposals is designed to ease congestion…and on safety grounds to allow unfettered access to emergency vehicles,” he said.

“This is seen as reasonable and proportionate.”

He said the measures would be monitored with the council open to suggestions for change, should it be warranted in the future.