In common with recent correspondence, the untidy state of our highways and byways is hard to ignore.

Plants and weeds growing through tarmac, cans, bottles, crisp packets, excrement and just about anyhting else that the public struggle with putting into rubbish bins that are provided.

I read of nobody being prosecuted for allowing their dogs to foul the pavement, nor those who drop litter, while feeble fines for fly-tipping are a joke.

If offenders were given a £10,000 fine the urge to trash the countryside would soon abate.

Homeowners unable to pay up could be made to remortgage their properties or have their motor vehicles impounded and sold off, while anyone claiming benefits could have their fine deducted long term at source.

Why should those of us who often have to pay over the odds to dispose of our own rubbish have to subsidise the clean up of those who just could not care less?

Bob Woodland

Cavan Crescent