TWO years to negotiate and by a margin of over 2-1 on Monday evening, MPs, Brexiteers and Remainers alike, overwhelmingly rejected government's no-use-to-anyone, non-Brexit non-Remain, shambles.

But then the substance of the debates apart, what was to my mind impressive is British democracy in action. I thought, brilliant. Huge credit to our country. Enormous tensions, deeply divided views, so much at stake for generations, thrashed out in Parliament, live to the world.

And that said, Brexiteers demand "we get out country back" and we regain "sovereignty and control". So any Brexiteer do tell me, what have we all witnessed in action but powerful UK Parliamentary democracy, solidly rooted in our country, for our country?

For my money the hero of all the dramas, John Bercow. The Speaker time and again ensuring MPs have the needed debates, not all run by a government with clearly no mandate whatsoever to govern for one more day.

The truth is the country is hugely divided. No-one can deny that. The resolution has then surely to be in Parliament. As a matter of the highest priority parties need to make clear do they support leaving, or support remaining. Put this in their manifestos and run a general election.

The alternative, a second referendum, will surely do no more than rerun the same deep divisions. MPs – by their own judgement – surely have to lead, not toss it back to the general population with then another round of hugely destructive lies and propaganda.

JEFF WILLIAMS, Jubilee Road, Parkstone