A BUSINESS that sells healthy frozen yoghurt through kiosks in shopping centres is going international within months of its launch.

The founders of Yogoo! see expansion across the world as a way of “future-proofing” the business against the uncertainties of Brexit.

Yogoo! was launched last summer by Bournemouth brothers Kiril and Dean Hristov, who both took a career break to turn their passion for healthy dessets into a business.

Kiosks have been set up across the south east of England and the siblings are eyeing expansion in Asia and the Middle East, with the first two confirmed locations in India and Oman’s capital Muscat.

Dean said: “For a company which has been trading for a little over six months, it is a great achievement too see that we have not just reached a break-even point but also expanded our operations internationally.”

The business was started with the help of Virgin Start Up in Bournemouth and business mentor Alex Chisnall of StartUp U. It provides a range of low-fact frozen yoghurts in shopping mall kiosks.

The brothers said the business’s franchise model, with tailored support and training for franchisees, was key to the move into international markets.

Kiril said: “We are a relatively small company but we are not as profit-driven as other start-ups.

“Our priority has been our focus on long term business growth – this implies slowly expanding our presence internationally through very competitively positioned franchise opportunities which cannot be matched by other food and beverage high street brands.”

Dean added: “Scaling up your start up internationally, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, provides some low cost opportunities to test your business idea with an international audience and grow it rapidly.

“We are yet at the early stages of our food venture but we hope to be able to establish Yogoo! as a well-known brand with a very distinctive frozen yoghurt culture and promote it to the world by exporting Brand Britain.”

Despite Brexit, having a ‘Made in the UK’ tag on a product can provide a competitive advantage internationally, they said.

Yogoo! was shortlisted last month for the Revo Gold Awards honouring the retail and ‘place-making’ industry in the UK. It was selected alongside high street brands with hundreds of outlets, such as JD and Greggs.