A NEW dentist's surgery can open in Boscombe, the council has agreed.

However, it must be restricted to the use of one "compressor, drill and suction tool" so as to avoid excessive noise nuisance to nearby residents.

The surgery is due to open at 30 Ashley Road, opposite the bus station, which currently hosts The Back Pain Centre.

The application by Ellis and Partners presents it as and "opportunity to continue viable commercial use within a highly sustainable area of Ashley Road, supported by both national and local planning policy.

"The existing premise has been acting as a D1 use without consent for the past five years without any harm to the local community or shopping area.

"This application seeks lawful consent to change the use of the ground floor premise."

Council officers concluded that the change "would contribute to the range of health facilities within the district centre, and would meet the day-to-day needs of the community".

"The dentist surgery is an appropriate use on the edge of the shopping centre, and could encourage linked trips to nearby shops and other services within the centre."