BUSES and delivery vehicles are set to be included in fledgling plans being drawn-up by Poole councillors to reduce the number of drivers who idle their engines.

A campaign with a focus on “encouragement and peer pressure” is being created by council transport officers in a bid to improve air quality across the borough.

Last month, it was revealed that tens of thousands of pounds remaining from a government grant was to be used on the new scheme, which had initially been aimed at parents who leave their engines running while collecting their children.

According to a council report, a number of schools in Poole have been “identified” as being suitable for being pilot sites for the introduction of new measures.

And although there was an initial focus on encouraging parents to stop idling near schools, following a request by councillors at Thursday’s transportation advisory group meeting, bus and delivery drivers will also be considered as part of the campaign.

Cllr Ann Stribley, chairman of the council’s transportation advisory group, said: “We agreed, very strongly, to go forward with the new authority to improve education and to try and encourage schools to get involved.

“There has been particular concern about delivery drivers and parents who leave their vehicles running – something which is already illegal – so this is something we were keen to progress.

“It’s very difficult having the number of people to enforce this so our focus will be on encouragement and peer pressure and highlighting the problems it causes.”

Under the plans being considered by the council, enforcement officers will be given extra training to be able to issue £20 fines to people who refuse requests to turn off their vehicle’s engine while stopped.

After receiving the support of councillors on Thursday, the proposals will now go to the cabinet member for transport, Cllr Ian Potter, to progress the scheme.

Poole council transport officers are also planning to discuss enforcement work with Bournemouth and Christchurch councils for their “input and consideration”.