AS 2019 gets into full flow, a visit to the theatre brings everyone together, says Zoe Dunne, theatre manager at Shelley Theatre. Here she shares some winter highlights. “This year is all about choice. We want people to come to the theatre and know they are part of something shared.”

Doctor Caligari and Mary Shelley’s Future Shocks (January 19): The Cabinet of Living Cinema visited us in 2018 where they create living cinema through a live performance. This is an evening double bill of gothic cinema from the early 20th century.”

Christopher Robin (January 23): “Making a visit to the theatre accessible to everyone is important. During 2018 we introduced relaxed performances. Everyone wants to feel at home. For the morning performance, the setting of the theatre is modified for those who would enjoy a more relaxed environment. This includes those with newborn babies, people with learning difficulties, dementia or any sensory impairments. For our first film of the year, we have Christopher Robin. The young boy who embarked on countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood.”

Wine Unpicked (February 1): “Martin Hudson is a celebrated Master Of Wine, there are only a few hundred Masters of Wine in the world. We are going to have a wine tasting evening where the focus is on ten Italian wines and champagne. We keep these evenings intimate and limited to only 40 people.”

Flanders & Swann - At The Drop Of A Hippopotamus (February 2): “Familiarity with our programmes is important. Mervyn Stutter, in 2018, brought his award-winning Pick Of The Fringe, all the way from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for his regular monthly showcase. It is back in 2019. We start with multi-award winning comedian Tim FitzHigham and Olivier Award Winning musical maestro Duncan Walsh Atkins, who will recreate the anarchic humour and infectious silliness in an affectionate tribute to British comedy duo, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann.”

Off The Cuff (February 8): “The team from Black Cherry Improv are going to be at Shelley Theatre throughout 2019 with their comedy improv evenings every month. Every performance is different. What the audience suggests affects the plot, the scene, and the whole mood. It’s a night when everyone works together.”

Casablanca (February 14): “Imagine cinema as it used to be where you had a big projector and reams of film. Our friends at Dirt In The Gate keep the nostalgia flag flying with their 35mm films. It feels as though you are going back in time. We have a very special Valentine’s day occasion where this 1942 romantic classic is brought back to life on the big screen. It’s one of the best-loved and most quoted films of all time.”

Little Women (February 19 to 22): “This is where we bring classic theatre to the Shelley Theatre stage. We welcome BIGLITTLE Theatre School to interpret the adventures of Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy March.”

The Red Fez Orchette (March 1): “Bringing 1920s and 1930s dance and jazz, the Red Fez Orchette share a golden era of music. Having live music, whatever the style or genre is something that is so important to us. The orchestra will also be back in the summer.”

Zoe adds: “As we start the year, every performance highlights variety.

“As the familiar term says, ‘no two performances are ever the same.’ This is something we’ll continue in 2019. Everyone who comes to Shelley Theatre will get an experience that will never be replicated."

* To book any performance, visit or call the box office on 01202 413600.