IT was refreshing to read Jason Lewis’s article about the choice between “taller buildings” and “green belt homes”, published on Christmas Eve.

It is a real option to go for taller buildings over the next 20 years in areas where there are so many single-storey buildings that use such large land areas.

“Taller” need only be one or two more storeys in so many South Coast towns that have ageing bungalows that will require ‘remodelling’ over the coming decades.

Planning for such modest adjustments in the use of our existing urban areas should allow our green belt zones to do the job that they were created to do.

Which is stopping urban areas from becoming ‘hollowed out’ and subject to infrastructure issues, whilst keeping greener spaces for farming, leisure and delight.


Chairman, Poole & Purbeck group of Dorset CPRE,

Sundrew Road, Broadstone