THE stormy weather having subsided, I went down the steps at Sheps Hollow to walk along beautiful North Swanage Beach.

By the steps, several items had been stockpiled including a lobster pot, a plastic barrel and a long box for fish.

By one of the groynes someone had piled up a mass of things washed up on the beach. Everywhere one looked there was rubbish. I had brought bags with me and, for an hour, I filled them with bits of plastic - consisting mostly of fishermen's rope, mesh and line which had become entangled in the seaweed. I covered an area of about 20 feet until the bags were heavy to carry.

Arriving home, I rang Swanage Town Council to ask if a couple of burly employees could be spared to come and collect the two stockpiles of detritus by the steps and the groyne and was told that North Swanage Beach was not the council’s responsibility as it is privately owned. They could not say who owned it but suggested I try to find out and contact the owners direct. What a hope - the buck had been passed.

Some individuals regularly collect beach detritus from all along Swanage Beach. However, after any major storm has abated, I would suggest, a notice should go out for an official beach clean to follow. In cases such as the recent storm it is not possible for a few people to clean the beach properly as it needs the concerted effort of many.

Man has wreaked havoc by dumping rubbish, notably plastic, in the oceans. I live in hope that future generations will reverse this - to respect and protect our planet for all living things.


Ballard Estate, Swanage