WEST End and Broadway star Michael Xavier will be joining the BSO for its Last Night of the Christmas Proms tonight. The performer took time out for a quick chat ahead of the show which starts at 7.30pm at Lighthouse Poole...

What made you decide to embark on a career in the Arts?

I always wanted to be an actor but it was getting into my school production of Grease after I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis that made me think “This is it! This is what I want to earn a living doing!”

What are you looking forward to about the BSO’s Last Night of the Christmas Proms concert?

I’m excited about getting to sing some of my favourite songs, including some festive faves with this incredible orchestra!

How do you prepare for a concert or show?

I do a lot of listening to the songs ahead of time and I exercise my voice daily to keep it strong. I also avoid alcohol.

It’s very dull and not rock ’n’ roll at all!

If you could work with one musician, who would it be?

Incredibly hard question. There are so many. But I would love to work with Harry Connick Jnr as I’ve been a fan from a very young age and I do love big band!

What advice would you offer to young people aspiring to have a career in the performing arts?

Be kind, polite, willing to learn continuously (I still am) and work really hard! It’s a tough business but so rewarding when you get work.

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?

Spending time with family and laughing lots. It’s what makes me the happiest.

* Limited tickets are still available for Last Night of the Christmas Proms, see lighthousepoole.co.uk