FOLLOWING an absolutely disastrous result in the referendum to leave the EU against the advice of the Tory Government, who in the best interest of the people, urged remain, we find that the vote was heavily swayed by my demographic age group, the over 65s who voted 66% to leave the EU having now left it to the young who only voted 34% to leave never thinking they would have to pick up the pieces of a Brexit deal which will lead to a broken economy. An economy that will struggle to find a viable trading market in anything other than second hand munitions.

The vote also suggests the reason why the Church of England supported by a similar demographic age group has finally called 'support leave to unite'. The question is unite what? The retired who voted 66% leave have all vanished into retirement and the young who only voted 34% leave are stuck for the next 650 million working man-years with a result they don't want imposed on them by those not actively engaged.

So the older group who say they voted leave for their grandchildren who are the children of their sons and daughters who voted 'stay' are way out of line and should do the right thing and resign such votes. That the older people voted to leave is not even down to experience or wisdom, since among the same age group in the AB class only 29% voted to leave.

The tiny show piece workshops we have seen over the last few weeks toured by Theresa May, will not for one moment offset the loss of the current equality we still have at present trading with 450,000,000 Europeans on an equal footing in a secure trading block where we still have a say, nor will it offset the finance sector when tomorrow it sets itself up in Europe where the action is.

That the UK derided the EU when we voted by such a narrow margin to leave by saying in the following months in our media the UK hoped our leaving would urge others to leave as well and collapse the EU was foolish in the extreme and on par with shooting ourselves in both feet as proved by a deal that was to be so easy that it would be 'over in a matter of days' has now cost over £38 billion and rising in fees with the end game looking further and further away as the weeks go by which shows how much they over-estimated our position.

However we still just about live in a democracy and now that we are all better informed do not need at such a critical time in our history to be frozen out from voting by a government currently only interested in saving its own skin, by playing a game called 'Keep Corbyn Out' (three months) to 'Don't steal our (Theresa May's) Brexit' (this week), as they play out a series of delaying tactics in such a self-serving, childish, manner.


Fraser Road, Poole