CAMPAIGNERS supporting a ‘People’s Vote’ on the Brexit deal gathered in Bournemouth on Saturday to speak to members of the public.

The Dorset for Europe Group ran street stalls in the town centre and at Boscombe shopping precinct.

A makeshift ‘Brexitometer’ was used by the group to gauge public opinion on what is the best way forward for the UK.

Options included: Theresa May’s deal, leaving with no deal, or staying in the EU.

Another question posed to the public was: ‘Who should decide our future?’. Answers included: Theresa May’s cabinet, MPs in Westminster, and the People’s Vote.

Barbara Leonard, a volunteer for Dorset for Europe, said the group’s Brexitometer had showed strong support for a People’s Vote.

“What’s very clear is that people have very strong feelings that this process isn’t going as they thought it would. Whatever side people voted on in the first place, there’s a great deal of disappointment and deception about what’s happened as a process,” she said.

“We’re a group of people who’ve come together because we think that the process is flawed. We want more people to know that we are here and we will continue to ask questions.”

She added: “There’s a deep underlying section of our community who have a visceral hate for the EU; however, when we talk to them about that, that’s often based on some misconceptions.

“I think, sadly, we’ve had very strong tabloid press that has printed many eye-catching and emotive headlines, which of course have then been proven not to be true. But people believe it.”