A MAN with quadriplegic cerebral palsy who was told he wouldn’t be able to work has had his CV viewed more than 20,000 times online in three weeks.

Scott Howells, 36, from West Moors, has now landed four job offers after a video CV was posted online by Bournemouth-based charity Superpeople.

The charity was co-founded by friends Natalie Betts, 28, Hannah White, 25, and Jake Atkins, 29, a year ago. It runs projects and creates films to showcase how disabled and non-disabled people can work together to help create social change.

Scott, who communicates with his nose using a text to speech app on his iPad, didn’t think employment would be an option for him until he saw a video CV produced by Superpeople and contacted them for help.

Each video aims to show the person behind the CV to potential employers and Scott’s was largely filmed at Bestival to show his passion for live music.

Natalie said: “We wanted to get across Scott’s personality in the video CV, so we thought why not film him doing what he enjoys most. Bestival kindly supported the charity and because of this we have been able to produce something that really gets across what he’s about”.

Scott said: “Making the video CV was very exciting for me. I enjoyed the fun process of making a video about me and getting to know Natalie, Hannah and Jake.”

Since the video has been published, Scott has been offered the role of ambassador for The Dorset Children’s Foundation and is also in talks with Glastonbury Festival about stewarding at the event in 2019.

“It’s amazing to be part of someone’s journey into work. We love it and hopefully it will just grow and grow,” Natalie said.

Hannah said: “Myself and Natalie met each other and worked together in care homes and SEN schools, we recognised the immense level of barriers disabled people face in society. Especially after education, when they are looking for employment”.

Natalie added: “Our real aim is to normalise disability. If someone is different or does things differently to you, it shouldn’t matter. We are all people who can help and learn from each other”.

Contact Superpeople at facebook.com/superpeopleuk.