FED-up residents in Hamworthy said they were left “appalled” after collecting 17 bags of rubbish left behind by litter louts.

A group of residents braved wind and rain for the two-hour clean-up in Rigler Road earlier this month after becoming frustrated with the amount of rubbish strewn in the area.

The two-hour litter pick was organised by Alix Digby-West and Isaac Digby-West.

One of the volunteers who didn’t want to be named said: “It's absolutely appalling how much rubbish is just left behind.

They added: "It's even more disgusting how much has been collected in the little stretch of road that we were only able to cover due to the road being closed because of the Twin Sails Bridge being out of action.”

Litter pickers, gloves, bag hoops and bags were provided by Borough of Poole and Friends of Hamworthy Park who also attended the clean-up.

Organisers said more litter picks could take place in other roads and recreational areas.