I refer to David D'Orton-Gibson letter, 'Hospital shake-up will be better for patients', dated December 6.

Although I agree that a £40 million investment into local health care services may plug the Conservatives shortfall in some departments, it is far too high a risk to take closing down Poole A&E plus its localised maternity unit.

Judging by David's letter he is a ward councillor for Redhill and Northbourne.

In all probability he will be unaffected by the considerably longer journeys or the ever increasing traffic congestion of those living in the Purbecks and surrounding area. I can't imagine for one moment his electorate will be very happy with longer waiting times at Bournemouth A&E if the hare brained scheme goes ahead.

Come to it, has he held a public consultation before not representing his electorates best interest.

David and the Conservative party who have underfunded Dorset NHS should get out more often and ask the opinion of locals instead of allowing Dorset to be run from Westminster. The county couldn't have chosen a more inept bunch of MPs to deal with this crisis.

Politicians must learn that patients are people, not nameless statistics to be shunted around for political gratification, nor are they inanimate objects merely being sent in for running repairs. The first duty is to the total care of the patient. Care cannot be delivered piecemeal or at a distance that endangers a patients chance of recovery.

Mike Fry

Moorland Crescent