DEVELOPER Richard Carr has described the contents of the leaked email as "absolutely outrageous" and warned those currently representing Poole and Christchurch to be on their guard.

He said the lengthy contract with London-based Morgan Sindall Investments means money is being taken out of the local economy and he questioned the transparency of the Bournemouth Development Company(BDC).

Mr Carr said he has attempted to find out how much Morgan Sindall has paid to have land transferred from Bournemouth council but has been refused the information.

And he asked: "Why is the local authority not publishing how much it is transferring the assets for?"

He also voiced fears that councillors will be unable to stop BDC building on land in the Poole and Christchurch as part of the deal.

He told the Daily Echo: "I am in favour of the redevelopment of Bournemouth and the area but I question the logic and business sense of tying a substantial amount of Bournemouth prime sites into an arrangement with a London-based development company for a 20-year period.

"That would seem to be highly questionable and not good business practice. The profits are going to Morgan Sindall in London.

"The whole concept is flawed. If locally-based developers were doing this they would live locally and spend their money locally.

"What is done is done but now BDC is telling people they believe that the assets of Christchurch and Poole could fall into their laps."