OBJECTIONS are being raised to proposals to make two roads in Poole town centre one-way systems.

The council is planning to restrict traffic to one-way along the entire length of West Street from the Hunger Hill junction towards the bridges.

A similar measure is proposed for West Quay Road, with the stretch between Marston Road and Hunger Hill set to become one-way northbound.

The changes would be made as part of the £11.7m Townside Access scheme, which includes the nine-month project currently under way at Hunger Hill.

Work has already taken place at the West Street/ New Orchard junction to realign the kerbs in preparation for wider footpaths and new cycleways that will eventually run the length of West Street and West Quay Road.

But Poole town councillor Andy Hadley has written to council officers objecting to the changes.

Sharing his comments with the Daily Echo, he said the measures would create “significant traffic flows” in West Street, with an impact on residents in the surrounding area.

“Residents complain of the noise and vibration, especially from heavy goods vehicles, along [West Street], but also the inability to enjoy their back gardens, or even have open windows in their houses on summer days.”

He also said the one-way road design “entirely marginalises vulnerable traffic”, i.e. cyclists, and was a “dinosaur scheme” prioritising motorists.

“Anyone wishing to cycle at a reasonable speed will ignore the last resort measure, placing cycles on the pavement in conflict with pedestrians, and the one-way dual flow, especially with the heavily narrowed lanes, is significantly increasing danger to them on the road.”

Bournemouth Cycling Forum is also objecting to the proposals.

Jason Falconer, forum chair, said: “Schemes which intend to promote the use of cycles for even short journeys across town, which include constant start and stop sections at give-way points, will result in the opposite of their intention.”