TEMPERATURES reached a balmy 16.5C in Bournemouth in November.

Bournemouth's meteorological registrar, Charles Thomas, made the recording on November 6.

He said: “November was a changeable and mostly mild month with both rainfall and sunshine somewhat above average.”

Bournemouth had 20 days of “measurable rain” which was above average of 15.6 days.

The lowest temperature recorded was minus 1.7C on November 27.

The average maximum temperature was 12.34C, while the average minimum recorded was 6.81C.

Mr Thomas added: “The mean temperature was well above average but broke no long-standing records.”

Rainfall was higher than average with 116.1mm recorded compared to 104.5mm.

The greatest 24-hour rainfall was seen on November 27 when 22.6mm was recorded.

There were 86.8 hours of sunshine, which is around six hours higher than average, and seven days where there was no sunshine at all and just two air frosts during the whole month.

Mr Thomas said the autumn overall had been "drier, sunnier and milder than average" with 41 extra of sunshine than average and 66mm less rainfall.