EXTRA parking restrictions are being proposed at West Lulworth after chaotic scenes on local roads during the summer.

An extension to existing restrictions is planned on West Road after parked cars and heavy traffic resulted in near gridlock over one bank holiday weekend.

If approved, the new traffic order would extend the no waiting area along the C8, West Road, from Church Road up the hill to Daggers Gate. It was submitted by the parish council and county councillor for the area, Cllr Cherry Brooks.

County councillors will consider the application at a regulatory committee meeting on Thursday.

There have been nine objections to the extension of the order at the Church Road end, six from the same property in West Street which only has one parking space - a single garage.

The proposed order is supported by Purbeck District Council and the police.

Other comments made in response to the order state the problem only happens on a few fine days in the year, and that at the eastern end the road is so wide that there could be restrictions on just the north side of the road.

On a hot weekend in July, the drive down to the beauty spot was described as ‘chaotic’ and ‘hideous’ due to drivers parking on the side of the road and blocking traffic.

An estimated 10,000 daytrippers visited the area on June 30 and July 1.

Some holidaymakers heading for the cove and for Dorset’s iconic Durdle Door took half an hour to complete the short drive along Main Road from West Lulworth, with many even opting to abandon the attempt.

Emergency services workers say that some claims made about their access problems were exaggerated, or wrong.

A local paramedic told the council: “We have not had to abandon our vehicle at all, we were caught in a jam last August bank holiday partly due to a broken down vehicle, which exasperated the situation of getting through where cars were parked on both sides of the road on West Road leading to Durdle Door. Our vehicle is standard width so we manage to get through.

“My personal concern is that by stopping all the parking people will still find somewhere to park and then creates the problem in another place.”

A fire service spokesman said that, at times, poor and double parking had caused delays for their vehicles: “Although we have always managed to get through, these delays could be significant to those requiring our help.”

The ambulance service response tells the committee: “We had issues accessing the area due to parking and excess traffic, which effectively cut both Lulworth and Durdle Door off, which was highlighted in a cardiac arrest at The Festival of Lights at Durdle Door back in 2015 where attending paramedics had to abandon their vehicles and get to scene on foot…I had three instances highlighted where access to scene had been significantly delayed due to parking and gridlocked traffic.

“It always has the potential to be difficult in that area given the type of roads and the congestion at busy times but it hasn’t created any issues for us recently.”

Committee members are being recommended to approve the proposed no waiting area.